Change Your Greeting, Change Your Evening

Jill walked in the door with “that” look on her face.

“I’ll tell you what. If I won the lottery tonight, I’d be so outta there tomorrow. John started today off all wrong, waving that coffee cup in my face. Just ‘cause he’s the boss doesn’t mean he can’t pour his own #*&! coffee And then . . ..

The rest of the day hadn’t improved.

Chuck listened and empathized with her. He knew what a “challenge” her boss regularly was.

As she wound down, Chuck began grousing about the ridiculous requests from sales. “They act like we just wave our pens and software patches appear like magic. They know it takes time to program and debug.”

We need a relationship where you can blow off steam while your sweetheart sympathize with you. Somewhere safe to whine.

But what effect do you think that has on your relationship, on romance, when your first words out of your mouth after being apart all day is complain, grumble, gripe?

What if the first words your sweetheart hears from you as you walked in the door went something like this?

John sure lived up to his PITA reputation today. But I’ll tell you what got me through the day. It was the thought of you putting your arms around me like this.” {{{SMACK}}}

This small modification could transform the homecoming mood. Instead of waiting 30 minutes or more for both of you to wind down so you began enjoying time together, you could:

  • Start the evening emotionally connecting;
  • Begin enjoying the evening together sooner;
  • Create a romantic environment where you could both blow off steam later without ruining the evening?

With this start, whether you went out, ate in or just let that embrace linger, you’d have created the ambiance for a Romantic Interlude. Better?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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