Subtle Romance

She looked stunning in her blue, ruffled dress. The halo of frangipani flowers set off her dark hair. She seemed to glide like a bird slowly soaring just a few feet above the ground

The audience was caught up in the magic of the moment. They strained to capture a photograph.

Her sweetheart had a smile, you know the one couples display indicating there is a special connection going on there.

A few in their entourage smiled appreciatively, realizing the subtle whisper of romance between her and her sweetheart.

Meghan and her sweetheart Harry were on a visit to Fiji. And according Fijian custom, native blooms (frangipani) are often used in wedding ceremonies to symbolize the bond of matrimony.

Harry caught the message.

Meghan had deliberately romanced her sweetheart in a subtle but unmistakable manner. You might consider taking a hint from Meghan.

Remember when we were in elementary school and shared a secret with someone, especially when no one else was privy to that secret?  You had an exclusive relationship. After telling this secret, you might have just glanced at each other and giggled or given a knowing grin.

When you romance your sweetheart subtly, in a manner which is special to just the two of you, it is like a grownup giggle or grin.

How could you subtly romance your sweetheart in public without anyone else knowing? What special message could you adroitly scream to your sweetheart?

  • Is there an outfit you could wear?
  • A place to visit that has a special meaning between you?
  • Is there a music group with a song that’ll bring back memories?

Your secret agent assignment, should you choose to accept it, sometime this week find a way to subtly romance your sweetheart in public. If your sweetheart misses the message, try again. And if that doesn’t work, try another message. Subtly is very romantic.

Robert, a hopeless romantic.

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