What’s Most Romantic

Which of the following would you consider the most romantic?

  1. Long, slow, full-frontal hug?
  2. Thirty-second, passionate kiss?
  3. Full massage?
  4. Holding your sweetheart’s hand?

Take a slow moment and think about it. Ask yourself which of these would you consider the most romantic to receive from your sweetheart.

I’ll acknowledge these all involve touch. And you may not be into touching. That’s alright. I’m inviting you to consider the above and select which you would consider most romantic.

If you’re brave, send me your answer. After all, I am curious, and a continuing student of romance.

For your consideration.

The passionate kiss and massage are usually done in private. If someone is around or comes around, it’s awkward and the moment evaporates. We don’t want people observing us in this intimate moment.

The hug could be done either in public or private, though there might be some discomfort at having an audience. We usually are at ease lingering in a private hug. Stoking and caressing are more freely transpire during a secluded moment.

Holding hands. Now that’s a different story. It brings the following elements into the moment:

  • You can be involved in another activity while holding hands (i.e. walking, sitting, in a meeting) ;
  • It tells others we have a special relationship; and
  • Hand squeezing and caressing can surreptitiously amplify the moment.

Holding hands is a comfortable activity with which you can romance your sweetheart. There’s no awkward moments of PDA or concern about what others might think. It feels natural.

Each of the activities listed above would be considered romantic. Yet the act of holding hands is the simplest, most flexible way of romancing your sweetheart. It says so much with so little. That’s why I consider it the most romantic of the 4 items.

Tell me if you agree.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

Feel free to share this blog. I only ask credit for its creation.

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Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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