Traditional / Non-Traditional Mistletoe Romance

In the northern hemisphere it’s officially winter . Now Christmas arrives.

Talking with a friend this evening I realized I don’t remember my parents ever taking advantage of the Christmas “sprig”. They might have but I imagine their conversation was more likely. . .

It’s a parasite.”

Technically, it’s an herb.

And you PAID for this little piece of foliage?

But look at the pretty flowers. It’s so romantic.”

That’s ridiculous. It’s mistletoe.”

Yes, and time for me to kiss you.”

If you must. . . .

Hopefully that’s not true, though romance wasn’t my parents forte.

It’s easy in long-term relationships to get caught up with being proper, focusing on practicalities, and becoming passive about PDA (Public Display of Affection). We quit taking advantage of opportunities to meet under the mistletoe.

Mistletoe has interesting powers over people.

Put a bunch in the doorway of an adult social gathering and people avoid that entrance.

That same sprig in the same doorway at a gathering of teenagers or 20-somethings will create giggles, dares and boldness. They want to take advantage of the mistletoe.

So have fun by returning to the old English custom surrounding kissing under the mistletoe. It could put a little excitement and diversion into your relationship. And could prove to be very romantic.

Find a bunch of mistletoe which still have the white berries. Tie it up with a bow and strategically place it in a high traffic area at home. When one of you catches the other under the mistletoe, the person doing the catching picks a berry then kisses the other. Continue until the berries are all gone. See who collects the most berries. Then try to stop kissing.

This way you take a “ridiculous” tradition, give it a twist and remake the ritual into a fun time for romance.

Robert, a hopeless romantic.

You welcome to quote this blog. I only ask that you give me credit.

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