How Has It Been Since . . . .

What’s so hard about putting dishes in their proper place – DEAR?”

Seriously. I’m putting the dishes in the dishwasher and YOU’RE concerned about them being in their PROPER PLACE?

There you go, blowing my simple request all out of proportion, just like when you find the gas tank below H-A-L-F FULL.”

You know I’m only concerned Y-O-U don’t get stuck without gas if there’s a wreck on 316.”

And so the conversation continued to devolve into a vortex of annoyances. He picked. She picked. And they both harassed each other while juggling kids, dishes and baths.

With the last one in bed, Lynn opened her mouth to launch the latest repartee, and closed it so quickly her teeth clicked.

Cory,” she ventured. “How long has it been since we snuggled up together and watched “Married With Children” on TV?”

Cory’s protracted mind search provided Lynn with all the information she needed.

Lynn shared with me that when she and Cory ignore romance for more than a week, they start nagging each other. It’ll start with a gentle swipe and continue to escalate until one of them recognizes what’s going on and ask the, “How long has it been” question.

Fortunately for their relationship, years ago they discovered the source of these bouts. Now, one of them will gently disrupt the pattern. And together they’ll plan time for romance.

Is it possible you and your sweetheart are familiar with this circle of tension? Maybe you could use some romance to break the escalation cycle?

Next time you and your sweetheart start badgering each other – not a full-blown production but the little derogatory jousts – ask yourself, “How long has it been since?”

Maybe, just maybe, a little more frequent romance will reduce tensions between the two of you.

And here’s to more romance in your relationship this new year.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You are welcome to repeat this blog. I just ask that you credit this source.

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