Creating Remembered Romantic Memories

After an emotional farewell to their college freshman, they faced the six-hour journey back home. Thankfully Kevin made reservations for the night.

His suitcase seemed a bit large for an overnight stay. When he opened it, Janice was curious why there were some of her clothes in his bag.

Her questioning stare was met with just a smile.

Let’s stretch our legs a bit before dinner”, he suggested. It had been a few months since they’d last taken a walk together, something she always savored.

Rounding High street, Janice stopped dead in her tracks. There was Jimmy’s Joint.

Remember our first date?” Kevin asked. “That’s where we’re eating tonight.”

They sat down to familiar surroundings which hadn’t changed much since that first night. A torrent of warm memories engulfed her – dinner dates and long conversations.

Tomorrow we’ll breakfast at Open Your Eye, stop by Sue’s flowers, then stroll the Botanical Gardens.” All were places from their early days as a couple. “I’ve got an idea for a project to do together when we get home.”

There were two emotional events happening in their lives:

  1. Moving their son to college, and
  2. Moving to a life without children at home.

Instead of a silent ride home, Kevin choose to romance his sweetheart.

Instead of a sad quietness dominating the drive home, he planned an Interlude. For their first day as “empty-nesters” Kevin deliberately reached back into shared memories and reminded Janice they are and will continue to be a couple.

He then added an aspect to this Interlude: planning future activities to do together.

Sometimes the most romantic thing you can do for your sweetheart is remind him/her that no matter what’s going on, you are a couple. Kevin accomplished this by using memories to create a new memory, one they’ll remember for a long time.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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