Gentle Romantic Touches

Her touch was light, so soft that by comparison the turbulence created by a passing butterfly would have felt like a low flying 747. Yet that gentle brush of her hand against my arm sparked a warm charge through my body, erupting into an eye raising smile.

For some of us, our sweetheart’s touch can be very romantic. The touch of hands, taking an arm or the gentle tracing of one’s ears pumps a bit of adrenaline into our system, accelerating our heartbeat and firing off a couple extra neurons in our brain.

At least it does for me.

I feel a warm glow radiate out from her touch:

  • When I’m sitting next to my sweetheart and she leans into me a bit more;
  • When she walks by and runs her hand across my bald head;
  • When she takes my hand as we walk into a store,

It says she cares, I’m special, and she enjoys that bit of intimacy in the physical contact we share in that moment.

I won’t bore you with the boatload of scientific evidence for the benefits of the human touch. Think of the times you’ve witnessed or experienced a touch bring a smile to a face, a calmness to a crying baby or comfort to hurting soul. Our own observations prove the power of one human touching another.

Harness that same power to romance your sweetheart. Reach out and with your warm touch melt your sweetheart’s heart like no one else can.

Whether you’re a touchy-feely type of person or a reserved, stiff-upper-lip individual, let me challenge you.

Today, stretch beyond your personal boundaries and tenderly invade your sweetheart’s space with a gentle stroke or hug. Touch your sweetheart with this unique romantic moment you can share together.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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