Small Town Romance

I grew up in a small town: Ramona, California – population 2,449.

My elementary school was one-room: 1 teacher, 8 grades and maybe 18 kids. The dirt playground served as baseball field and airport for our rubber band airplanes. The closest hospital was 20 miles of hairpin curves down the mountain.

The town’s grown a little. There’re a couple traffic lights, chain grocery stores and McDonald’s. Population still hasn’t reach 30,000.

So how in the world could you romance your sweetheart in that little town?

I got curious and decided to see what I could find.

A romantic picnic would be easy. Drive to Dos Picos County Park off Mussey Grade Road. Hike an easy trail to a secluded spot, and be rewarded with plenty of grass for your picnic blanket and a panoramic view.

Maybe a horseback adventure for two at Celestial Farms. Ride through the country then relax at one of the small restaurants on, that’s right, Main Street.

Find flowers for love and romance, from romantic roses to modern masterpieces, at Sun Valley Florists – also on Main Street.

I love a weekend getaway at a bed and breakfast. The Dome Asylum might be a little quirky. It also might be just what your sweetheart likes.

Why am I spending this Memo reminiscing about a small town in the hills near San Diego?

People complain there’s nothing romantic to do with their sweetheart in a town of say 50,000 people, I tell them they’re not trying hard enough. No matter where you live or even where you are, you can find romantic ideas if you’ll look, be a bit creative, and find a romantic gift, touch or just a simple time-together idea to romance your sweetheart.

It’s as easy as search “Romantic Things to do in Ramona”.

So what do you find romantic in your town?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to share and quote this blog as long as you credit the source.


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