Alfa, Coffee Time and Romance

You might identify with my coworker here in Singapore.

For most of this winter I’ve been working in Singapore. Haven’t driven in over a month, commuting to work each day via the MRT or SMRT bus. (I don’t miss rush hour drives!)

Alfa works alongside me on the 26th floor. She has an elementary-aged daughter in a stringent school district where even a logical absence (visit family in Indonesia) must be substantiated and approved. WOW!

This morning while walking the underground Marina Bay Link Mall between Raffles Place MRT station and the Marina Bay Financial Center, Tower 3, I passed my coworker walking hand-in-hand with some guy, headed away from the from the office.

It was a little earlier than her usual arrival time, so I just smiled.

When she arrived at the office I asked if that was her husband – “Yup.”

Next obvious question, “Does he work in one of the other buildings?”

No. He just brings me to work (via MRT) and we have coffee before he returns home to his own business.”

This inquisitive guy asked more questions and learned this is how they find time for themselves.

  • Evenings are consumed with homework and student activities. No time for romance.
  • Weekends are kid, family/friends and laundry. No weekends for romance.

How do they keep their Romance Alive?

Nearly every morning they take time together. Its deliberate. After dropping the young one off, they stop for a few minutes of “us” time over coffee. They talk, touch, carry on conversations as sweethearts do, and enjoy each other’s company – privately in public.

He romances her with the gift of time.

If you and your sweetheart find it difficult creating together time, time for romance, maybe Alfa’s routine can inspire you.

  • Find a few minutes.
  • Start a routine.
  • Intentionally work to stay connected – and keep your Romance Alive.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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