It’s Not The Place, It’s The Person

The sun descended into the western sky. Sand had cooled considerably from midday when it attempted to sear my feet. Pleasantly warm breezes pushed shoreward.

The sun’s afterglow blazed through beaks in the clouds in sunset oranges and reds.

Balinese waves kissed the shoreline, inviting couples to meander the edge of the ocean before night swallowed up the sunset spectacle.

Bali Ha’i may call you
Any night, any day
In your heart you’ll hear it call you
Come away, come away

Reality didn’t quite match my imagination’s

  • Bali Ha’I expectations.
  • No palm trees stretched out over the crystal blue ocean.
  • No sailors serenaded Balinese women.

No matter. I watched and photographed couples in various forms of togetherness. Some sauntered by, walking hand in hand. Others raced past me on a mission to get their 10,000 steps in before sunset.

Hold it!! Isn’t Bali supposed to be romantic?

I was walking the beach in Bali alone.

  • No sweetheart to hold my hand.
  • No stopping arm in arm to admire the colors exploding from the sunset.

Think about it.

The sand was warm, the February breeze pleasant, and the sunset spectacular. Bali is supposed to be “romantic”.

Truth: I could have found a more romantic setting in downtown Atlanta than the one I experienced on the beach in Bali.

The reason?

I wasn’t able to share this moment with my sweetheart.

I’ve strolled the beaches of Key West and St. Simon’s island. I’ve kissed atop the Eiffel Tower. I’ve shared the privacy of a Rotorua hot spring. These places were romantic because I shared them with my sweetheart.

No matter where you are. No matter how stereotypically romantic that location may seem, it’s just another place on this big old dirtball called Earth until you share it with your sweetheart. Then no matter where you are, it can be romantic with your sweetheart.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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