Sometimes We Forget

What time do we have to get up in the morning?”

Let’s see. It’s a walk-to-school day so we’ll need the kids out the door by 6:45. And can you pick up James about 5:15 tomorrow afternoon? He’s got track.”

I’ll make that work. Can you pick up something for dinner when you pick up Chuck after he gets off work at Golden Fry? Think it’s about 6.”

Yup. OK. We got a plan. Night.”


Sound like your “romantic” evening conversation with your sweetheart? You get wound up in pick-ups, practice, lunches, classes. Your conversation becomes planning for a military landing a.k.a daily family living.

Months may pass before you notice something’s missing.

Remember when your relationship was younger.

  • He’d walk up to you in the kitchen and say something like, “Have I told you how cute you look this morning?”
  • She’d eye you across the table and start a conversation with, “Hey, handsome dude . . . .

And when one took out the trash, the other would let them know how much that was appreciated.

Slowly those little messages of pride and appreciation, the small flirtatious messages you shared as a couple seemed to fade from your communications. At a subconscious level, instead of feeling the strings of romantic attachment, each begins to feel like they’re a common and ordinary part of the other’s life.

You can change this downward spiral towards mundane. You can make a decision right now to put that spark back into your communication.

Look for openings to tell your sweetheart they’re special, they’re appreciated, and you’re still attracted to him/her. Give compliments only you can give. Tell your sweetheart “thank you” when they wash dishes, fix dinner or clean the car.

Your words can rekindle the spark in your relationship, which can lead you back to the romance you once shared.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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