Sunrise Romance

Would you be willing to postpone your usual morning cup for a Romantic Interlude?

Warn your sweetheart that you’ve set an early morning alarm so you can start the day together.

Set the alarm for about 30 minutes before sunrise. Down worry about showering. Get up and put on sweatpants or jeans and a comfy shirt. Pull on a cap so brushing/combing your hair isn’t an issue.

If needed, stop by an early morning coffee shop for a cup to go. Walk or drive out to a place where you can watch the sunrise. As you walk to the perfect viewing location, take your sweetheart’s hand.

When the sky begins to brighten, stand behind your sweetheart and put your arms around her/him. As that first beam ignites the earth, whisper in your sweetheart’s ear something like, “I’m looking forward to starting each day with you for the rest of my life.”

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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