Keeping Romance Alive – Long Distance

Recently I read an article about 3 couples separated from their respective sweethearts by anywhere from a few hundred miles to 9 or more time zones.

If you’ve ever tried, you know long distance relationships are just plain hard.

No matter your age or whether the separation is just an hour’s drive or 2 planes + a train and + 30 minutes on a moped, it’s difficult to maintain a relationship when you can’t physically touch your sweetheart.

A commonality among the three coeds of how they were able to maintain their long-distance relationship? Communication.

Each couple proactively used modern means of communications to shrink the distance and keep their Romance Alive: Email, Facetime, Skype, phone calls.

They also share one traditional means of communications – handwritten letters.

Why would they cherish handwritten, snail mail letters?

  1. It takes time to compose and write a message in longhand;
  2. They received something that’s actually been touched by their sweetheart; and
  3. The letters are something they can physically hold and reread, even decades from now.

I keep cards and letters from my sweetheart. At one time I had a small box of letters from my first girlfriend. I kept them for decades. Each time I opened the box it was like I was reconnecting with her.

Maybe it’s time for you to consider handwriting your sweetheart a love letter for her/him to cherish. Even if you live at the same address, your sweetheart will be able to take out your handwritten love letters and feel the joy of being romanced by you – whenever and wherever, no matter the distance.

Romance your sweetheart today with a handwritten letter. They’re a great way to keep your Romance Alive.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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