A Wonderful Way to Romance in Multiple Ways

A warm, sunny sky finally conquered days of rain. And this ideal spring morning starting with Swedish pancakes, loganberries, eggs, potatoes and coffee.

Anita invited Ronnie out for a post-brunch walk along the lake to enjoy the hillside bursting with spring flowers. A wet winter created fields of various wildflowers, delighting the senses and enriching the day.

Their roughly 7,264 steps included several stops to capture digital memories. Windows down, they enjoyed natural air conditioning as they drove an hour northwest.

For months they had talked about having a side-by-side “couple’s massage”. So, after their lazy, late lunch they found the massage studio and melted into the hands of skilled massage therapists.

Heading home, the new moon shared the sky specks of stars and planets. Ronnie and Anita pulled back the jacuzzi cover and climbed into the soothing water jets. They spent the next couple hours relaxing, talking, giggling and sharing.

Did any of those activities sound wonderfully romantic to you? Probably. Their day cast a wide romantic net, catching several ways to romance.

Time. They romanced each other with the gift of time. They walked together, rode together, ate together and jacuzzied together. No rush. Just enjoying their time together.

Words. Lots of communication with intimate, revealing sharing throughout the day. Intentional listening by each, sprinkled with words of encouragement.

Touch. Walking hand in hand, arm in arm. Brief, sideways hugs. Long, lingering hugs. Kisses ranging from quick pecks to prolonged smooches.

Gift. A couple’s massage he knew they’d both enjoy.

It was day in which they romanced each other in multiple ways. In the process each romanced the other in their preferred way of being romanced. They created a shared memory.

How will you put together a day where each romances the other in various and multiple ways?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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