Energizing Romance In Your Relationship

First, my apologies for disappearing for a week. Been moving and . . . .

For 10 years I lived in Chattanooga. Knew the easiest routes to the store. Knew my neighbors. Knew when mail was delivered and knew where things were in the house.

I was comfortable.

Someone suggested I should move 2 hours south to Atlanta.

  • More job opportunities.
  • More chances for a social life.
  • More destinations for travel.

But I was comfortable in Chattanooga.

Besides, it would take a lot of energy to move:

  • Pack my belongings;
  • Find a home;
  • Search for a job.

There might be more opportunities, but it would be uncomfortable. I’d already gone through a move from California. Why expend the energy to move again?

In moments when I was alone with myself and really listening, I admitted that while comfortable, things weren’t that great. Maybe if I expended energy and moved to Atlanta, the prospects for an improved life would be much greater.

It’s easy to get comfortable in a city, in a house and in a relationship.

You cruise along and get deeper into an unfulfilling, unromantic rut. And in moments of quiet honesty, you realize the relationship could be better – much better.

You face a choice:

  • Do I continue to coast in a predictable, lethargic, unromantic relationship? OR
  • Do I expend the energy, step away from comfortable and work to improve the romance in our relationship?

Select the later for your relationship.

You can do this will little adjustments. You don’t need a 2 hour move. Small changes can make a radical difference in your relationship.

Take a chance. Expend the energy. Simply create a simple Romantic Interlude this week. In 2 weeks create another. Continue creating a new, different Romantic Interlude every 2 weeks.

I just 3 months you’ll have 6 new ways to romance your sweetheart. And the trajectory of your relationship will be permanently changed for the better.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to share or quote my blog provided you credit the source.

About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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