Personal Honor and Romance

Kohana stood before these elite warriors, the Red Shirt men. He’d dreamed of becoming one someday. Stretching his neck and spine to the full height of his 16-year-old frame, he held the rolled red sash in his outstretched hand.

The final test was 4 days of non-stop running, climbing and wading. True to his name (Swift), he’d navigated forests, crossed wide, swift streams and climbed to the top of Far Mountain. He barely made the deadline to complete this test – when Anpetu wi (the sun) was at his hottest.

He’d risked being late when he bypassed the red sash he saw at the bottom of Far Mountain. He could have grabbed it and they’d never have known. But the instructions were explicit: “the red sash tied to a rock on TOP of Far Mountain”.

Honor has been described as:

  • Integrity,
  • Your reputation,
  • Keeping your word,
  • What you do when no one is looking.

It goes to the core of a person – and it’s part of the triangular foundation of a strong relationship.

The quality of romance is directly related to the foundation of your relationship. Part of that strong foundation is living with honor.

Can your sweetheart trust you:

  • To do what you say you’ll do?
  • When he/she isn’t around?
  • With deep, intimate secrets?

When you live with personal honor, the first side of the Relationship Triangle is strong. And a strong relationship makes romance “safe”.

Let it unroll from your hand, young one.”

As Kohana unfurled the red sash, it reached all the way to the ground.

Unknown to him, if he’d returned with the sash from the bottom of Far Mountain, they’d have known he had no honor. That sash was far shorter, and he would have been exposed as “he with no honor”, and no part of the Red Shirts.

Live, Romance with honor.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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