Romance Requires Personal and Mutual Respect

Joyce was skilled with handling money. She was also fearless when it came time to connect with someone, no matter their perceived power or position.

He respected her for this.

Ron inspired her to stretch herself, taking on new adventures. He also had a knack for figuring out a solution when none seemed to exist.

She respected him.

They mutually respected each other. And each thought they were the luckiest person in the world.

Joyce didn’t realize Ron’s financial situation eroded his perceived confidence. His debts kept him awake at nights, silently terrified he couldn’t pay his bills. The cancer of debt ate away at his self-respect.

Ron’s declining self-respect led Joyce to realize Ron’s true financial situation. She lost respect for him, and lost interest in being romanced by him.

A great romance is built on a strong foundation found in the relationship triangle.

  • Side one: personal honor.
  • Side two: mutual respect.

Mutual respect requires each to have self-respect.

If you don’t have self-respect, it dissolves the respect your sweetheart has for you. As the song says, “If you don’t respect yourself, Ain’t nobody gonna give a good cahoot.”

And no one wants to be romanced by someone for whom they have no respect.

Struggling with self-respect? Time to take positive action to gain your self-respect.

  1. Look at your strengths, what you do well. Confidently focus on and value those abilities. Acknowledge areas where you struggle but don’t let them overwhelm and control you.
  2. Learn your sweetheart’s strengths and respect his/her fortes.

You have the ability to build the second side of the relationship triangle – mutual respect.

Respect yourself. Respect your sweetheart. And as mutual respect grows, the foundation upon which to build a relationship filled with romance just keeps getting better every day.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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