Shared Love On A Two-Way Street

I found love on a two-way street, and lost it on a lonely highway.

Not very inspirational when talking about relationships and romance.

In the last couple entries, I’ve set out the importance of building Romance on a firm Relationship Triangle. The first two sides are:

  1. Personal honor and
  2. Mutual respect, which starts with self-respect.

The third side of the Relationship Triangle is shared love.

Personal honor and mutual respect are not enough. Without shared love you’re left with just a companion, not a sweetheart.

Bring a Love Triangle into the relationship to create shared love with your sweetheart.

First, caring love:

  • You wish the best for your sweetheart as a person,
  • You show your appreciation for your sweetheart,
  • You’re loyal to your sweetheart and the relationship.

Secondly, intimate love:

  • There’s chemistry between you,
  • You’re love-struck, smitten, head-over-heels,
  • You’ve fall in love.

Thirdly, love without expectations:

  • You freely give of yourself and your time without requiring your sweetheart to reciprocate.
  • You give without expectations.

When you bring this Love Triangle to your sweetheart, it separates this relationship from others in your life. It’s special and unique between the two of you.

HOWEVER, if only one person brings this depth of love into the relationship, it becomes a love affair for one, which will never do.

In order for the third side of the Relationship Triangle to be firm, this love must be shared, mutual, and given by each to the other.

Without this depth of love from both parties, or if one person loses this level of love, there will be no shared love. The Relationship Triangle will crumble. And Romance will sputter, wheeze and collapse.

And the two-way, shared love will be lost on the one-way, lonely highway with no hope of Romance.

Don’t go there. Use the Love Triangle with the Relationship Triangle for Romance.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to quote from or share this blog provided you credit the origin.

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