Vitamin C and Romance

It’s a routine I’ve practiced for years.

  • Every morning: 2 vitamin C tablets.
  • Every evening: 2 vitamin C tablets when I get home.

It’s a habit to help keep my body ready to ward off illnesses which might attack me.

Several weeks ago, my supply ran out.

No problem. I’ll just buy some more vitamin C – at the grocery, drug, discount, or warehouse store; in tablets, gummies or gel caps form.

But I forgot – repeatedly. I’d get home and realize I’d the vitamin C. No problem. I’ll get them next time.

After several weeks, my body was overcome with a cold.

Amazingly, I found time to walk to a local drug store, about 15 minutes away and purchase a small supply of chewable vitamin C tablets.

I started overwhelming the cold with vitamin C. Every couple hours I’d chew 2 more pills. Within 24 hours I was feeling better and within 48 hours the cold was in full retreat.

This sometimes happens in our relationships.

We go along romancing our sweetheart every week. As dependable as Friday night starting the weekend, we create a Romantic Interlude and keep the romantic fire lit.

Then we miss a week. Forget again the following week. And one evening you come home from work and sense a distance has opened up between you and your sweetheart.

You go into a full on, sweetheart focused, Romantic Interlude designing, vitamin C devouring binge to rescue your relationship from the long slide into a plain, platonic partnership.

Two truths. At that moment:

  1. You need to revive the romance. Create several Romantic Interludes over the next 2 weeks. Then,
  2. Commit to maintaining the health of the romance with a persistent, consistent stream of weekly Romantic Interludes.

Time for my morning vitamin C pills.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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