The Eagle, The Moon and Romance

Which news-worthy event do you associate with a romantic experience in your life?

As I write , people are remembering a history-making event which impacted the entire earth. For a short time:

  • Crime plummeted towards none;
  • People stopped flushing toilets, nearly bursting water systems;
  • Over half a billion people (about 17% of the world’s population) crowded around tiny TVs and huge projectors to witness this event.

Everyone was watching two astronauts walk on the moon.

I’ll admit I’ve been a space cadet all my life.

  • I’ve traveled galaxies through books and movies;
  • Programs about stars, galaxies and space attract me like no other;
  • I dream of traveling the stars on the starship Enterprise.

When the Eagle set down on the Sea of Tranquility, I bonded with my parent’s black and white, 23” TV. My girlfriend’s family didn’t own a TV, so I persuaded my mom to drive me over to pick her up so we could share the moment.

We stared at the grainy image of Neil Armstrong slowly backing down the ladder and taking that giant leap for mankind. The image remains burned into my synapses.

Though the lunar landing was momentous, it was the event of taking her home which intensified the memory.

The front door of her house was locked. We had to walk around to the backdoor – away from my mom’s watchful eye.

And then it happened – our first kiss. WOW!

It’s been several decades since that back-porch moment in Loma Linda. She and I have traveled separate paths through life. Yet for me, I’ll never forget the first step on the moon and my first teenage kiss.

What event in your life is paired with a romantic moment with your sweetheart? Picture the moment, celebrate the experience and let it continue to live in your shared memory.

Don’t have one? Create one.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to copy or quote from this article provided you credit the source.

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