Romantic Triggers

Jerry stood in front of a couple hundred. He was anxious, thrilled, scared and bold. Shifting his weight from foot to foot, unconsciously rocking to the music.

Then the world paused. Rachel came around the corner, her dazzling eyes and disarming smile obscured by a veil.

This morning the photograph celebrating that moment triggered memories of that ceremony.

All day, vivid recollections of an evening nearly 2 decades past interrupted his concentration.

  • His huge grin as the preacher introduced “Mr. and Mrs.”;
  • Uncle Al slipping a C-note into his pocket;
  • Running to the wrong getaway car.

As memories continued to disrupt his day, he realized he still had a crush on Rachel.

Heading home he picked up 3 pale green roses, like she’d had in her bouquet, and a $15 Swenson’s ice cream shop gift card.

At home, Rachel was wide-eyed. Jerry shared a couple memories he’d revisited during the day. And Swenson’s? That had been their first date.

Over her Hot Fudge Bonanza, Rachel shared a memory of their wedding. Back and forth the memories bounced. Sparks flew between them as they retrieved memories slightly obscured with time.

When you think back to a special moment in your relationship, what’s the first memory that surfaces? And the next one?

Time can diminish the fire of romance in your relationship. Like a fire which has lost its flame, sometimes we need something to spark romance to life. Recalling, then sharing a memory of days when your sweetheart dominated your thoughts can kindle the embers of romance.

Share those memories with your sweetheart. Don’t argue about accuracy. Let emotions which may have become hidden in the routine of life come back into your shared memory. Recapture the old attraction, the crush if you will. Remember and experience the romance of your relationship.

What’s the memory that I’ve just triggered for you?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to share of quote from this blog provided you credit the source.

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