Keep Romance Alive While Your Feel Like You’re Dying

Recently read an interesting article by Sheila Qualls: Four ways to keep Romance Alive while you feel like you’re dying. Sounded like an article on keeping a flicker of Romance glowing as the end approaches.

Since I’m always looking for anything having to do with relationship-enhancing romance, I started reading.

Immediately she was on to babies and children and marriage. Nothing about passing. It was about what happens when children arrive.

Some mothers reading this will immediately identify with feeling like you’re dying from exhaustion once a child is born. Some fathers may remember changes children brought to their relationship and wondering when it would return to “normal”.

Her 4 ideas:

  1. Find ways to make relationship time a priority;
  2. Teach your children to respect your time with each other;
  3. Carve out time to talk each week;
  4. Make time for yourself.

Reading through the list, I was struck by a common thread running through each idea. It is something very important to keeping Romance Alive.

In four different ways, Sheila said time is important to keeping Romance Alive.

  • Time is priceless.
  • Teaching respect for time is important.
  • Making time for you and your relationship – vital.

Each of us has been given a container with a limited amount of time. We don’t know how much we’ve been given or how much is left. Once used it’s gone forever, except for the memories woven into our thoughts.

Which means you only know you have this moment to Romance your sweetheart.

When children, parents, friends, strangers or anyone else demands you give a portion of your limited amount of time to them, evaluate that investment of this precious gift.

No matter what you decide, for the sake of Romance in your relationship, invest substantial portions of your time with the one you love.

Robert, a hopeless Romantic

You’re welcome to share or quote from this post provided you credit the source.

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