Be Romantically Attractive

I’m so comfortable in our relationship.”

Sometimes I might not shave all weekend. Or I’ll tromp around the house in my stained t-shirt and sweatpants.”

And when I take her out for fast food, I don’t worry if there’s junk on the passenger’s seat. I’ll just shove it on the floor so she can squeeze in.”

Yea, I’ve put on a few pounds but that doesn’t matter. I’m glad I can be so comfortable around her.”


It important for couples to be comfortable together. Without a certain amount of easiness in the relationship, Romance doesn’t happen.

But, and this is important, there is a significant difference between feeling relaxed and being an unattractive slob.

  • Do you get compliments about your attractiveness, or complaints about your physique?
  • When you enter the room, do your sweetheart’s eyes light up or look away?
  • Does “your space” attract or repulse?

Remember when you and your sweetheart first started seeing each other. You put effort into attracting him/her.

  • You found yourself dressing to fascinate.
  • You watched what and how much you ate.
  • Your clothes were clean.
  • You stood a little taller.

You created an attractive “trap” that communicated to your sweetheart, “I want to entice you with the best of me cause I think you’re worth the effort.”

But when you get comfortable, let yourself go and don’t keep trying to attract your sweetheart, you signal, “you’re not worth the effort.”

That’s not a Romantic message to send your sweetheart.

Check yourself. Are you continuing to work to attract your sweetheart?

To successfully Romance your sweetheart, your sweetheart must find you attractive. And your sweetheart will want to be romanced by you when you give a little effort to take care of yourself, clean up your surroundings and take pride in your appearance.

How would you rate yourself? A 3 or a 10?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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