Millennial Romance: Is That an Oxymoron?

Millennials aren’t into romance. It’s such a quaint idea.
Millennials are career-minded, save-the-planet thinking, respect-my-knowledge demanding, non-romantics.
And don’t even think of that courting stuff.

That’s the conclusion drawn by non-millennials about those in their 20’s and 30’s.

When a millennial wrote an article, “The 10 Hopelessly Romantic Things We Wish Guys Did More Often” at “elite daily”, I figured it’d be a short read. It’d focus on stopping guys from any pathetic attempt at cutesy flowers and cards. Treat a gal as one of the guys.

I was wrong.

Two ideas in the preamble immediately caught my attention:

  1. These are the things that guys used to do and we wish they still did, and
  2. We get nostalgic for the old-school tender gestures that are distinctly charming not just because they are rare, but also because they are meaningful.

How would this gal like to be romanced? Here are some of Laura Argintar’s insights.

Hug us from behind. Wrapping us up against you is the body-language equivalent of saying “I’ve got you” and that feels really good to hear.

Call before bed. We’ll go to bed thinking of you. (And if you’re together full time, take a moment to connect with us before rolling over and snoring).

Give us your worn-in sweatshirts. When you’re not around to cuddle, we like snuggling with your clothes instead.

Notice and comment on the small things that make us different from others: a freckle, my smile or eyes.

Wear a signature scent sometimes. The power of olfaction is a real thing that lingers with us.

Go for it romantically. The high of being wanted by someone else is important. Whether it’s confessing your attraction or pushing back a strand of our hair, just go for it.

Guys, whether you’re 21 or 99, use those insights to attract your sweetheart with good old-fashioned romance.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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