Engineer Romance

Here’s the model Romantic Interlude.

  1. Reservations at an Italian restaurant featuring candlelit, white table-clothed tables
  2. Give your sweetheart a hand corsage or boutonniere of fragrant flowers.
  3. Dress elegantly for the evening.
  4. Start dinner by 6 so you can attend La Traviata performed by your local opera company.

This is the ideal Romantic Interlude. I’ve studied romance for over 20 years and as an expert, I know the best way to romance your sweetheart.

Hope you’re still reading.

I spent two months living and working in Singapore. The last Sunday in Singapore, I was engaged in an interesting conversation with a Singaporean about life in what I call an “engineered society”.

He commented that if the populace isn’t sure what to do, they defer to their leaders. That’s because “our leaders know what’s best for us”.

Singapore is clean, safe and orderly. I enjoyed my time there and would love to return someday.

But when he shared that little tidbit, I got to wondering, do people approach romance like that?

People ask me, “Robert, what’s the best way to romance my sweetheart?” My usual response is, “You tell me.” – not the answer they wanted.

Then I explain. I refuse to be that “trusted leader” who “knows best”. Who has the best answers.

  • I haven’t been around your sweetheart.
  • I don’t know your sweetheart.
  • I haven’t learned your sweetheart’s preferred way to be romanced.

Here’s a secret.

You have to put in the time and energy to learn your sweetheart’s preferred way of being romanced. You have to try different ideas for romancing your sweetheart. You have to sometime fail at romance.

The truth?

When you put in the effort to learn how to romance your sweetheart, you’ll enjoy and value Romantic Interludes more than if an “experttold you what to do.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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