Romance Like Charles de Gaulle

He strolled down the Champ Elysées, headed toward Notre Dame. The cheering throngs screamed as snipers took aim at this towering figure.

Later, as he strode through the bronze doors of Notre Dame, unidentified snipers started firing inside the cathedral. Hundreds of invited Parisians dove for whatever cover they could find. But in defiance, he continued unperturbed, almost sneering at anyone who would dare try with mere bullets to deter him from his destiny.

One Parisian recounted, “It wasn’t his 2-meter height that attract you to Charles de Gaulle. It was the confidence with which he walked that attracted one to this man. You were just drawn to follow him.”

Boldness – Confidence – Fearlessness.

David v. Goliath – the Little Engine that Could – the student in Tiananmen Square facing down a tank.

Whether in books, movies or in real life, we are automatically attracted to those type of people. People who don’t wilt when faced with loathing. A woman or man who courageously and relentlessly continues forward, staring down their fears.

At times, romancing our sweetheart feels like facing a final exam without knowing the subject. It’s daunting. The possibility of failure and rejection are real. What will you do?

After you’ve made your plans, when it’s time to start the Romantic Interlude:

  • Will you approach your sweetheart with timidity? Or
  • Will you step firmly, act confidently (no matter the butterflies circling your stomach), and approach your sweetheart with smile that says, “I planned this for you and I believe you’re going to enjoy this Romantic Interlude?”

How you approach the Romantic Interlude has a huge impact on whether your sweetheart hesitates at your invitation for romance or is drawn by an invisible magnet to your romantic gesture.

Be like Charles de Gaulle: confident, bold. Attract your sweetheart to your Romantic Interlude.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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