An Arresting Romantic Interlude

Her bags were packed, though not really ready to go. Ani lingered a few minutes in the doorway, in John’s arms.

Ani was scheduled on a two-hour flight for work. Though she’d only be gone 4 days, she wanted to spend those last, few, extra minutes with John.

John, wanting to give her a romantic sendoff, had his plan in place.

  • Flowers don’t travel well.
  • His picture in a gold locket wouldn’t do.
  • And a stuffed animal wasn’t the over-the-top romantic gesture he’d planned.

Approaching customs, John gave her a long, lingering kiss that said, “I already miss you.”

They parted. Ani went through customs and turned left towards her Singapore Airlines flight to Bangkok. John didn’t leave. His Romantic Interlude wasn’t finished yet.

Ani meandered into Bossini’s and almost ran headlong into – John?

You see, he’d purchased a refundable ticket so he could enter the transit area and kiss Ani good-bye at the gate.

One problem for this romantic. He was arrested for romance.

At Changi Airport, it is illegal to enter the transit lounge with a ticket unless you use your ticket to travel. Romancing his wife could result in a SG$20,000 fine and a 2-year separation from his sweetheart.

I’m amazed at this 27-year old’s attempt to romance his wife. And, what an imaginative Romantic Interlude. It took her by surprise, left no doubt that he’d romance her any way he could. Almost a dream come true.

You might not splurge for an airline ticket to romance your sweetheart.

But what slightly more sane idea do you have, something unusual, quirky, unexpected and contrary to your nature What crazy idea to romance your sweetheart is running through your head just now?

Take action! Hopefully, it won’t result in hard time.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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