Romance Ruined By Uncertainty

We’ll meet at the beach, between 7:30-8:00. Dress casually.”

Anticipating their date, she headed west. Traffic was worse than expected so his message that he’s running 30 minutes late was appreciated.

She took time to enjoy the sun, fresh air and her tunes.

When she arrived, Joyce found a table where she could enjoy the ocean and feel the breeze fumbling with her hair. Strategically setting her phone so she could both hear and see when he called, she eagerly waited.

Joyce and Leroy had been separated by over 2,000 miles. They’d decided to shrink the distance with a virtual date.

Leroy arrived home from work, anticipating a Saturday night “with” Joyce. He settled onto the sofa, put his feet up and picked up his phone to call. He noticed a message from Joyce. A picture of Joyce with several other smiling faces, drinks in hand on a sunny afternoon. The caption, “my new friends”.

One message led to another which crossed paths with several other messages. Communication went sideways. Speculation overwhelmed facts. Each felt stood-up by the other. The virtual date never started.

Sometimes Romantic Interludes go sideways.

Your attempts to romance your sweetheart gets misinterpreted. Conclusions devoid of facts undermine the Interlude.

  • Outside pressures distort messages.
  • Uncertainties impact communication.
  • Words become garbled in conjectures.

If you attempt to romance your sweetheart and it’s not going as planned:

  1. Ask your sweetheart for a moment.
  2. Quietly question your goal for this Romantic Interlude: is it for your sweetheart? or for you?
  3. Then talk with your sweetheart and ask how “we” can adjust the situation.
  4. Don’t give up.

The goal is to overcome the misunderstanding, modify the Interlude, and romance your sweetheart.

While Leroy and Joyce’s first attempt at a virtual date failed – miserably – they discussed it. And their second attempt turned out brilliantly.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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