Embrace The Role of Romance In Your Relationship

What is a hotel room? A place with a bed, a shower and some privacy.

If all hotel rooms serve the same function, why do some cost $49.99 a day while others over $40,000 for a place to take off your boots and hang up your hat?

  • Is it the view? A well-placed Budget Inn could have a breath-taking view.
  • Is it the bed? The rate at the local Westin, known for their luxury beds is less than $170 a night.
  • Is it the location? A hotel room on the French Rivera can be under $50 a night.

Yet the Empathy Suite in Las Vegas commands $100,000 a night. (OK. It’s a suite – which is just a hotel room with too many beds and too many doors.)

According to an article on Skift (www.skift.com), the difference between a Holiday Inn, a Soffitel and the Burj Al Arab – luxury hotels romance their customers. They make their customers feel special and important. They know their guests and build a personal relationship with them. That relationship is maintained, nurtured and strengthened.

Romance is like a hotel room.

  • Anyone can give a romantic gift.
  • Anyone can write a caring note or say sweet things to another.
  • Anyone can give a hug and a kiss.

But, and this is vital, only you can create a Romantic Interlude with your sweetheart worth the Oliver Messel Suite.

The difference – the relationship you’ve built with your sweetheart.

Luxury hotels embrace the role of romance in marketing to their high-paying guests. Embrace the role of romance in strengthening your relationship.

  • Take your basic relationship;
  • Add your knowledge about your sweetheart;
  • Connect emotionally with a personal Romantic Interlude;
  • Repeat regularly.

You’ll create a Romance your sweetheart knows is worth the Royal Penthouse Suites at the President Wilson Hotel in Geneva.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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