Don’t Let Fear Stop Romance

John wandered aimlessly, barely noticing the street sign for Calle de Carreos in Valencia.

The plaza looked familiar. Oh yea – Plaza del Caudillo. No, he reminded himself, it’s now Plaza del Ayuntamiente. “And the lady standing at the corner looks like . . . .

Taking a chance, he walked up and nonchalantly said, “Marta?”

She turned. The eyes were unmistakably hers and her full-face smile said she recognized him.

What are you doing here? How long has it been? How have you been?” Marta’s questions coming out in rapid succession.  Within minutes they were eating chocolate y churros, talking about classmates, jobs and remember when.

For prom, remember those wide ties?” he asked.

Of course. Yours was midnight blue with light blue bubbly-things.”

John went bug-eyed. Chocolate dripped from his churro in midflight. “You remember?”

I also remember how handsome you looked, and you were by yourself.”

You know, I really wanted to ask you to the dance. I’d planned it all out, you know, how I’d invite you and dancing close to you.”

John, why didn’t you ask me? I wanted you to. I only accepted David’s invitation at the last minute, when I’d given up on you asking me. And he was such a bad choice.”

Ever found yourself arranging a great Romantic Interlude – in your mind? Then you:

  • Felt awkward.
  • Thought your sweetheart wouldn’t enjoy it.
  • Were scared you’d be rejected.
  • Chickened out?

I’m here to tell you, fear is a liar.

The only way to guarantee a Romantic Interlude failure is never taking action to make it a happen. I’ve repeatedly learned that what I thought would fail, didn’t. When I took action, my sweetheart appreciated it.

Don’t let the “Same Old Lang Syne” leave you with regrets. Take action. It could change the course of your relationship.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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