Common Romantic Interludes

Taking sunset photos of us at the beach.
Writing a romantic book about our relationship.
Glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling.
A cooking class together.

Some people think I create an endless stream of superstar Romantic Interludes. “And you know what, Robert”, I’m told. “You make my relationship look like Nowhere Junction, Sinai.”

Truthfully, my life’s not like that. And thank goodness!

While I might like to create multiple Romantic Interludes worthy of an Oscar or Bafta or IIFA or Golden Rooster, that would not be healthy for a relationship.

  • Each Interlude would have to exceed the previous.
  • Few would truly romance my sweetheart.
  • I could go broke.

And it’d become boring – for both of us.

Imagine a baseball player hitting a home run in 3 consecutive at bats, and only a double the next time up. Or a footballer scoring 3 goals in a single game, with only a game-winning assist the next. Or a musician with 3 number one hits in a row and the 4th only rises to #5.

They might be seen as failing on the 4th try.

Romance is really made up of small, and sometimes common, Romantic Interludes. Occasionally there might be one worthy of an award. But mostly, romance is a series of small actions which bring the couple closer together.

  • An unexpected fruit or flower bouquet.
  • A lingering kiss.
  • Sharing a cup of coffee at sunrise.

These may seem common, even stereotypical Romantic Interludes. But they create memorable moments the two of you share, moments which bring you closer together, moment which grow your relationship.

You may wish for an endless stream of starry-eyed Romantic Interludes. You may hope to be romanced with consecutive magical Interludes. But create and appreciate the little moments, the “dull” ideas, the “common” Romantic Interludes with your sweetheart. Those are what build your relationship.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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