It’s Really Not Wasted Time

There wasn’t much conversation. He focused on eating lunch and watching a couple minutes of TV before heading out the door for rehearsal. Her focus was her computer, learning more about her hobby.

He knew that once he finished eating, he’d put the food away, clean up and give her a quick kiss. He’d head west while she’d head south to her afternoon activities.

This had become their weekly routine. Many times he wondered why she didn’t just ahead out to her afternoon adventures while he ate lunch. He hated making her wait for him.

He didn’t want her to leave. He just didn’t understand why she delayed doing what she loved so needlessly.

One evening, in one of those “ah-ha” moments of insight, he realized why she lingered while he ate.

Do you identify with her? With him?

Lee came to understand, his sweetheart valued time together. She wanted to be with him, to share moments with him. She preferred to be romanced with the gift of TIME.

  • If your sweetheart likes being with you, no matter where you might be,
  • If your sweetheart appreciates your undivided attention,
  • If your sweetheart enjoys sharing the same room with you, even if you’re not talking or participating in the same activity,

Your sweetheart might prefer to be romanced with the gift of your time.

What type of Romantic Interlude might be attractive to those with this preference?

  • Watching a movie, together, while sharing the sofa.
  • Fixing a meal together.
  • Putting a puzzle together, one that featured a place they’d be going for the weekend.

The most important thing is giving your sweetheart your time, especially time without distractions.

Make being with your sweetheart the most important thing. In this way you can create a shared, exclusive memory and keep your Romance Alive.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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