An Elephant and Romance

There’s an elephant in my front room.

A couple weeks ago my 51” TV died. Working one evening. Not a flicker the next morning. I tried all the standard ways of awakening it. Nothing. So I moved it off the TV stand and onto the floor.

Out came my older 32” monitor. Not quite as satisfying and at times difficult to read, but functional. It’ll work while I look for a new TV.

Two weeks later, the dead TV is still on the floor in front of the coat closet.

Several times a day I walk past it. It stares at me while I eat, wondering why I’m ignoring it – a reminder I need to move it out. I’ve put it on my “to do list”, and it remains in my front room.

It’s the elephant I’m trying to ignore.

What’s the elephant of romance in your relationship you’re trying to ignore? You and your sweetheart know it’s there? Is there an elephant-sized lack of romance which needs attention?

There are similarities between our elephants: my TV and your romance.

  • No matter how much we ignore it, it’s still there.
  • Wouldn’t really take much effort to tackle the problem.
  • And our elephants won’t take care of themselves.

The resolution of our elephant situation is so easy a fourth grader could figure it out. Take action!

I need to get my two-wheel dolly into the house and move the TV into the garage, then to a recycle location.

What do you need to do?

Two words – TAKE ACTION!

Determine today to set a Romantic Interlude in motion today and act upon that plan. It won’t happen by itself. Only you can make it so.

The time is now to get my two-wheel dolly and your Romantic Interlude into action.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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