A Meandering Romance

Romancing your sweetheart doesn’t have to be expensive.

This comment was met with great skepticism. I was informed that obviously I didn’t know his sweetheart. Romancing her was an expensive proposition.

By the time I pay for a 4-star dinner and the babysitter, it’s over a hundred dollar on my Amex card. And if I include a nice piece of jewelry, it’s even worse.

He continued, “and she doesn’t even seem to enjoy it. What do you have to say about that?

After a bit more probing, I suggested he invite his sweetheart to cruise the town with him some evening. Get a warm beverage and meander in the car, looking at the light displays around town.

Got a call soon thereafter.

She really enjoyed it. We gawked, chatted & laughed. In fact, we got out of the car and walked one neighborhood – hand in hand. She seemed to enjoy the time together.”

  • Price doesn’t make it romantic.
  • Expensive doesn’t make it romantic.
  • Costly gifts don’t make it romantic.

What this lady values is the romance of time with her sweetheart. It’s an expensive Romantic Interlude that doesn’t run up your credit card debt.

If you’ve been trying to romance your sweetheart and the response has been dismal, maybe you’re romancing the wrong way – trying too hard.

If your sweetheart values the gift of time as the preferred way to be romanced, make it so. Plan some focused time with your sweetheart. Meander. Talk. Laugh. And disconnect the devices.

Don’t worry about “not doing anything”. Just being with and being close to your sweetheart may romance much better than any gift or dinner.

When you romance your sweetheart as your sweetheart wants to be romanced, your sweetheart will enjoy and appreciate the time – and be truly romanced.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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