Small, Romantic Moments

It’s amazing how a “little thing” can be romantic.

Life’s pace wasn’t waiting for George to catch up. It demanded he keep up. No matter the hours he worked, people complained he didn’t meet their requests the instant they asked. Today, four people told him their priority must be met – NOW.

He drug himself out of the car and into the house – where Rosie met him with a smile and a lingering hug. In less than a minute, the office slid out of view. It was just him and Rosie.


Joyce and David walked silently down the sidewalk. They’d agreed to three times around the neighborhood. Conversation faded. The silence broken only by their footsteps on the sidewalk and an occasional comment about their kids.

David reached over and took Joyce’s hand. The aura between them immediately changed.


It was Marilyn’s birthday and, as always, Joe remembered. His card was sweet and the watch lovely. He was always thoughtful and practical. The last package contained a small, plush brown bear – the mascot of Mountain Home. On its tummy Joe wrote “May 4”.

Seeing it brought back wonderful memories. They’d stayed at the Greyback Inn the weekend of May 4.


None of these are huge Romantic Interludes. None are expensive. None are traditional ways of romancing one’s sweetheart. Yet each romanced the recipient in a way which said:

  • You are important to me;
  • We have a connection that’s unique to us;
  • We are making or have made a memory we alone share.

Romancing your sweetheart is drawing on the exclusivity of your relationship, communicating your caring in a unique and deep way, and creating shared memories to be treasured solely between the two of you.

Little things” can romance your sweetheart at deeper levels.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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