Which is Better: Romancing with Time or Romancing with Words?

It really was a great day,” Jen told Zack. “And I appreciate the effort you put into making a romantic adventure for us”.

Jen and Zack spent the day exploring Calico Ghost Town, a couple hours’ from their home in Redlands. They’d wandered Lane’s General Store and Granny’s Calico Crafts, gone to the Maggie Mine, and ridden the Calico Odessa Railroad. Their phones contained photographic memories of the day, many featuring the two of them against a backdrop of California’s Silver Rush Ghost Town.

While sitting in Lil’s (stereo typical looking) Saloon trying out a sarsaparilla, Zack pulled out a silver necklace. Jen found today’s date engraved on the back.

When did you get this?”, she asked.

Well, ma’am,” he said in his best western-drawl while fastening the necklace, “’member how I stepped outside while you was in Lane’s? Well, I actually went to that there mineral shop round the corner. “

She took his hand and the kiss that followed told him she’d enjoyed strolling hand in hand, laughing at the Disney-fied ghost town, taking in the high desert surroundings – spending time together in their own unique experience, making memories that’d be able to recall years later.

It was a bit magical – even if Zack would have preferred romancing Jen by reading one of his poems about them, while enjoying a quiet dinner with candlelight and champagne.

You and your sweetheart’s “romantic preference” may not align 100%. You might prefer to be romanced with words. Your sweetheart prefers making memories of spending time together – uninterrupted by family or technology.

Zack knew how Jen preferred to be romanced. And he was wise enough to know Zack wasn’t romancing Zack. He was romancing Jen.

Romancing your sweetheart how your sweetheart prefers to be romanced will more likely create the Romantic Interlude your sweetheart enjoys, remembers and treasures.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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