A Simple Twist of Romance

Hey sweetheart. getting some gas for the car. Be back in 20.

Gary drove to the end of the block and turned right. If Virginia had been watching, she’d been curious. The petrol station was to the left.

Gary accelerated past the speed limit. He was on a mission. Speed was of the essence.

At his destination, Gary opened the trunk, changed his t-shirt, grabbed a bag and sprinted down the trail.

Returning to the car, he doused his head with water. His breathing slowed as he cooled down. The air conditioned car helped. Before arriving home, he changed back into his original t-shirt.

See, I made it with 2 minutes to spare,” Gary announced. He prided himself on punctuality

They turned right at the end of the street, heading for the Grape Avenue Trail.

Gary and Virginia enjoyed these walks along the trail. It brought them close as they shared life and thoughts without interruptions.

After a couple minutes on the trail Gary yelled, “Look at that,” pointing at a paper bag. “Some inconsiderate reprobate littering our trail.”

I’ll just pick it up and carry it out,” Virginia responded.

Picking up the bag, Virginia got a puzzled look on her face. Inside the bag was a small box – with her name on it. She looked at the box, then at Gary.

Opening the box, she found a sailboat charm for her bracelet. It reminded her of their recent weekend in Laguna.

Gary knew Virginia preferred to be romanced with little gifts. He’d taken an activity they enjoyed together (walking) and added a bit of Virginia’s preference (little gifts) to reinforce a previous romantic memory. Nothing elaborate. Nothing fancy. But something Virginia found romantic.

What’s your simple idea for taking a moment together, adding a unexpected twist, and turning it into a Romantic Interlude?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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