Game Theory Romance

Have you considered applying “game theory” to your relationship?

What is “game theory”?

Game theory” isn’t about how to win at dominoes. Game theory analyzes the interactions among competing players, then attempts to create mathematical models which predict and/or produce the optimal outcome.

That’s probably a bit simplistic, but you get the idea. How can I look at an ever-changing interaction between two or more people and calculate how to get the best results?

For decades, game theorists have applied their craft to dating. In 1994, game theory met something called algorithms which calculated the probability that two strangers could be successfully matched romantically. And for a fee, they’d share this discovery with you.

Game theorists evolved beyond writing mathematical formulas to predict the complex world of mate hunting. They’ve looked for the best strategies to catch and keep a partner.

Their conclusion – like rock, paper, scissors, no matter which strategy you use, that strategy eventually wins. And the strategy with the best future success is the one least used by the current local population.

Simply put, the best strategy for your relationship is to do what others aren’t.

As you observe other relationships, you’ll notice that few deliberately romance – they don’t actively pursue keeping Romance Alive.

So, do what others aren’t doing. Intentionally work to keep Romance Alive with your sweetheart.

  • If others think occasional dinner and a movie equals romance, plan a secluded picnic.
  • If buying bouquets and chocolates on February 14 is their romance, spend the evening playing “I’ve Never” or “Authenticity”.

And if you don’t see anyone regularly romancing their sweetheart, find ways to regularly romance your sweetheart how she/he prefers to be romanced.

After considerable research, game theorists predict doing what others aren’t is more likely to yield the results of a successful relationship.

Do that. Romance your sweetheart.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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