Romantic Gaze

Remember when you’d spend an hour lost in your sweetheart’s eyes? Your eyes would embrace your sweetheart’s and the world disappeared.

Then life got busy.

Recapture that intimate connection once again.

Get a clear idea of two things you most enjoy about your sweetheart. Once they’re fixed clearly in your memory, ask your sweetheart for 2 minutes.

Face your sweetheart and look deep into her/his eyes. As your eyes meet, share the two things you most enjoy most about your sweetheart. Don’t glare. Gaze warmly. Let the memory bring out a smile.

For 2 minutes, you’ll be transported back to days when that gaze melted your heart.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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About RomanceALIVE

Helping people grow relationships via romance. Been studying, researching, observing what is romance and how to be romantic since the 90's.
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