Overcoming Obstacles to Romance

How am I supposed to be romantic when I can’t even touch my sweetheart?

For many, this is a genuine issue. There are real barriers to physical contact. Countless couple have become too familiar with terms like travel restrictions, shelter in place and social distancing. And if you aren’t living together – that makes romance seem an even more remote possibility.

But don’t tell Karsten and Inga that’s your excuse to stop romancing your sweetheart.

The couple met about two years ago. Their relationship has flourished. They visit frequently and have taken several trips together. Every day for the past year, Karsten by bicycle and Inga by car, have travel between Suderlugum, Germany and Gllehus, Denmark to visit. Living in Europe’s Schengen Area, allows them to travel between the two countries unimpaired.

That is until now. The border is closed. Travel between Denmark and Germany is no longer possible.

But this octogenarian couple refuses to let a global pandemic sideline their romance. They’ve found a way creative way to keep their Romance Alive.

Every day, weather permitting, the couple meets at the Germany-Denmark border to chat, share a drink and be close. Yes, they stay in their respective countries and keep the recommended 2 meters apart. But they continue enjoying time together.

Karsten and Inga haven’t allowed a virus or legislative obstacles to impinge on their relationship. They don’t allow the supposed “can’t teach an old dog new tricks” impede them either. They’ve let their imaginations find a way around these physical barriers.

And they’re already planning more travel together once the crisis ends.,Their preference for romance is obvious – spending time together.

If two old people, 89 and 85 respectively, can find a way to keep their Romance Alive in this crisis, what’s your excuse?

Robert, a hopeless

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