It’s Romantic Where You Are

Jill, Saturday night’s supposed to be clear skies and a full moon. Let’s go for a moonlight stroll.”

I’d love to take a romantic stroll with you, Eli.”

Picture doing something like that with your sweetheart.

Little anticipatory comments drifted through Eli’s and Jill’s conversations that week, each sparking a knowing smile. They anticipated walking hand-in-hand along the candlelit path Saturday night.

What’s the setting for your romantic walk? Does your moonlit walk feature:

  • Soft sand, the whisper of waves and palm trees?
  • Warm, humid breezes and paths that meander under the illuminated Supertrees?
  • Hooting of owls, the rustle of dessert critters and warm rocks?

Thursday evening, Jill suggested they bring their kids along.

Before Eli gave voice to his disappointment, Jill continued, “We’ll invite Cheryl to join us. After an hour, she can bring the kids home. Then you and I can spend the rest of the evening, just the two of us. After all, they’ll tire out from pulling the sled.”

WHAT…A sled…Snow…On a romantic walk?!?

If you live where the winters are cold and snow stays on the ground, you might picture a Saturday night snowshoeing along a lantern-lit path under a frigid sky in a local park.

Truth is, each of the scenarios I’ve painted are romantic – for different locales. It depends on what you consider a romantic stroll.

Just because you can’t meander Japanese parks with your sweetheart in Cherry blossom season doesn’t mean you couldn’t take a romantic walk down a winter-white sidewalk in your town. Dressed for the Antarctic, of course.

The thing is, no matter where you live, you can take a romantic idea from one location and customize it to where you live and what you enjoy doing together.

So, what idea can you adapt to romance your sweetheart where you live?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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