Keeping Romance Alive While Confined

Every day another principality announces, “For 21 days, all citizens of XYZ city, county, region, state, country are quarantined to their homes.”

With those words, couples on every continent find themselves barred from seeing each other. The circuit breaker measures of sheltering in place prevent them from being physically together.

Other couples I know are now confined to their living quarters – together – no matter the size of their abode. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week they cannot escape the other person. And being human, there are moments when it’s too much of a good thing.

How do you keep Romance Alive when you are bound together by the force of law?

First, realize you both need personal space – apart. Humans crave social interaction and also require person space – alone. A place to go where no one will interrupt or judge us for how we are. Somewhere to be silly, angry, sad, quiet.

Second, agree on each person’s escape room. If living quarters allow, select separate rooms or levels as “my” space. If you don’t have room, you might share a single room separately, agreeing on the rules for privacy when needed.

Third, get outside together. There’s something about the freedom resulting from breaking out of the four walls. Sharing that liberty rejuvenates each person separately and the relationship jointly, breathing life back into the coupleship

Fourth, select a place where you can relax together and laugh, share, watch the box. Where you can thoroughly enjoy each other’s company. This becomes the room of touch, talk, and spending time together.

This is the place to keep your Romance Alive.

At this time we may sense our world contracting on us, decreasing our personal world. But with these four ideas in place, you can keep your Romance (and your sweetheart) Alive no matter what.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

You’re welcome to share or quote from this blog provided you credit the source.

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