Romancing Not To Lose or Romancing to Win

The Roughneck’s were winning and winning big. With just one period left they held an insurmountable 5-0 lead. In ice hockey, that’s huge.

In the final period, the Roughnecks had clogged center ice and added defenders to keep the Queens from scoring.

Just 2:35 into overtime, the referee whistled while pointing to the Roughneck’s goal. After an incredible 5-goal period, tying the game in the final five seconds, the Queen’s overtime goal won the Miracle on Manchester.

Eli sensed Barb’s interest fading. He took her to her favorite restaurant for a candlelit dinner, which she enjoyed.

A week later, Barb seemed upset, so Eli invited her to a moonlit walk. Later that week, when Barb hadn’t responded to his call, he created another Romantic Interlude.

There is a similarity between the Roughneck’s and Eli. They both focused on not losing.

Do you romance your sweetheart not to lose the relationship? Or, do you romance your sweetheart to continue winning your sweetheart’s heart?

In other words, do you romance to “win” or romance not to “lose”?

Whether we’re talking about sports or romance, here’s the big difference between those two mindsets.

  • When you play or romance not to “lose”, you’re romancing from fear. You’re reacting to your sweetheart. That’s not attractive.
  • When you romance to “win”, you proactively decide to create romantic interludes, confidently choosing the how and when to romance your sweetheart and in order to build the relationship.

Romancing to “win” means building your relationship instead of attempting to romance your sweetheart out of fear you may lose the relationship you have.

Romancing to “win” is attractive!

So, how will you romance your sweetheart?

  • Fearfully romance, so the relationship doesn’t contract (not to “lose”)? Or,
  • Boldly romance, to expand your relationship (to win)?

The choice is yours. Romance to “win”.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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