Repetitive Romance

It arrived. My house is the land of carpets. Been looking forward to my first Rosie-robot vacuum to clean my carpets while I’m away.

I expected to spend maybe an hour time setting it up the first time. There’s a quick start guide to begin. Then owner’s manual rivaling the size of the Cheesecake Factory menu.

Pulled everything out of the box. To help me feel that I’d been involved in the creation of the robot, the company let me do the final assembly. After completing their work, the robotic vacuum had to be charged and connected to my Wi-Fi.

Many pages into the manual I discovered I would need to make the floor safe for the vacuum:

  • No loose or frayed rugs to gag it;
  • No cords for it to consume,
  • No small toys to fight with.

The floor must be made robot vacuum safe – and this must be done every time before turning the vacuum loose. Thought I only had to do this once. After that, Rosie took care of my carpets without my intervention.

Sometimes we try to romance like that.

You know romancing your sweetheart takes time to plan. Especially when you’re trying to romance in a different way the first time. But once you put the Romantic Interlude together and it works, it should be wash, rinse and repeat. You can repeatedly romance the same way without preparation.

Then you discover it doesn’t work that way.

  • Your sweetheart requires attention.
  • Something changes and the Interlude gets tangled up.
  • “Fixing it” takes time and energy.

No matter how many times you’ve romanced your sweetheart, take time to plan, anticipate, and keep it fresh. Spending this time preparing the Romantic Interlude results in you and your sweetheart enjoying the reward of sharing romantic moments together.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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