Acting Out Romance

Do you and your sweetheart agree on an all-time favorite romance or romantic-comedy movie?

Most people have a favorite romantic movie, their quintessential romantic movie. Maybe:

  • Casablanca“, love found and lost under difficult conditions with memorable scenes and unforgettable lines.
  • Crazy Rich Asians“, love triumphs over culture and the matriarch.
  • The Sound of Music“, young lady’s spirit collides with a rigid widower’s resulting in rediscovered joy.
  • Love Story“, Ryan O’Neal and Ali MacGraw’s young love, spurning parent’s disapproval, blossoming and then tragically cut short.

What is the title of your favorite? Maybe you have scenes and lines memorized, burned into your mental drive.

Escape can be a great way to romance your sweetheart. Doing something unexpected, uncomfortable, and maybe a little crazy can spice up a relationship.

Tying the idea of your favorite romantic movie with acting in a brave new world gives you something you to do if confined to your house.

Find that favorite movie, the one you both enjoy, or your sweetheart’s favorite. Bring up the climactic scene you agree is the romantic moment. Put on your acting capes and begin acting out the scene.

Chances are, unless you’ve been received a Filmfare, Bafta or Oscar, you’ll end up embarrassed and laughing.

That’s the idea.

Romancing your sweetheart unexpectedly, without much advanced noticed and in an unusual way, creates intrigue for your sweetheart. Romancing your sweetheart in a manner which exceeds your comfort level declares you have chutzpa; you step boldly into the unknown for your sweetheart. Granted, you might do it with great trepidation. But the fact you’re willing to try something beyond your usual rodeo entices your sweetheart.

And this craziness is romantic because you had fun together, created a unique memory to share. And you took a risk to romance you sweetheart.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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