Romantic Traditions

It was their romantic tradition.

Every evening, Mike and his girlfriend “Do” would share a candy bar. They’d break it in two, “argue” about who got the larger piece. Then savor the chocolate treat together.

Late one night, Mike realized his stash was depleted. There was no bar in the drawer for tomorrow evening.

Mike didn’t say anything to Do. But he was stuck with no car or no one who could run him down to the 99-cent store. And Mike, age 93, and Doris or “Do” as he called her, lived in a retirement center and they weren’t supposed to leave.

Determined to continue their evening Romances, the next morning Mike slipped out a backdoor and headed to the road to hitchhike.

Do you and your sweetheart have a Romantic tradition?

What would you be willing to do if you met a complication in maintaining this regular Romance between you and your sweetheart?

  1. Would you shrug it off as not-so-important? Or,
  2. Would you be willing to do whatever to maintain this Romantic habit?

Your answer may depend on whether you have a Romantic tradition or a Romantic rut.

  • If just a rut you plod thoroughly lifelessly, you probably have little enthusiasm to keep it active.
  • If a tradition is part of the fabric of your life, you would probably find creative ways to keep it alive.

Has your romance become a “romantic rut”? If you admit that it is, then ask what you could do to breathe life back into it – or change it.

If a Romantic tradition, keep it alive. Don’t let it wither and become a rut. It’s up to you to choose.

As for Mike, he got a ride, bought his 35 Hershey bars, and continued his Romantic tradition with Do.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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