Who Romances Whom

Henry’s eyebrows furrowed. His head tilted to the left. His mustache pressed against his nostrils. His face could be communicating annoyance or bewilderment.

The 8 sticky notes inside the envelope puzzled Henry.

While kissing Gayle kissing goodbye, she’d pressed this envelope into his hands with instructions: “Don’t open until lunchtime”.

Lunchtime finally arrived and Henry wondered what Gayle meant by the words on the 8 sticky notes inside the envelope: “us”, “this”, “plans”, “have”, “evening”, “might”, “I”, “for”.

Nonsensical or a cryptic message?

Concentration took over as he began rearranging the sticky notes. Moving the stickies around, the random words began to form a message from Gayle. “I might have plans for us this evening.”

His mind which had been focused on solving the puzzle, became captivated with anticipation. “What were her plans?”

Gayle not only created a Romantic Interlude. She’d artfully hooked Henry for the day.

First, she, the lady, dispensed with the idea it’s up to the man to create all Romantic Interludes and women’s just the recipient.  Surprise! She was proactively Romancing him.

Second, Gayle let Henry work to solve her riddle. Men like solving problems. It wasn’t too difficult or too easy. But he felt a sense of accomplishment by discovering the announcement of her intentions.

Third, and most importantly, she created anticipation. She told Henry she’d made plans for them without divulging what she’d planned. Curiosity and anticipation played games in his mind all afternoon.

Even if it’s only dinner and a movie at home (you know your sweetheart treasures spending time together), you can create an all-day Romantic Interlude. The key is doing it unexpectedly and building anticipation. Anticipation captivates the mind, expands the Interlude and deepens the Romantic memory.

How can you surprise your sweetheart and build anticipation for the next Romantic Interlude you create?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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