Touching Romance

Jason’s birthday was in 3 days and Jane was getting desperate.

She wanted to say, something that would light up his eyes and spark his heart. So far nothing.

  • Dinner and a movie – trite.
  • A sunset stroll through the park – didn’t really hit the mark.
  • Flowers or a fruit bouquet – bland.

Walking to the car after dinner, Jane reached out and took Jason’s hand, something she did frequently. Her free hand held on to his forearm creating a multi-point physical connection. Later, as they sat on the sofa watching TV, she snuggled up against him hugging his arm like a body pillow.

During a commercial break, Jason remarked, “Jane, do you know how much I enjoy being so entwined with you like this? When you take my hand or snuggle up next to me or wrap yourself around my arm, it makes me kinda {{{almost blushing}}} glow inside.”

Bingo. Jane knew what she’d give Jason for his birthday. It would involve touch, Jason’s preferred way to be romanced.

Is your sweetheart like Jason? Does your sweetheart prefer to be romanced with touch?

Romantic touching comes in many forms.

  • Could be a gentle brush of your hand against your sweetheart’s arm.
  • An unexpected, lingering, full body hug followed by a passionate kiss.
  • Brushing hair.
  • Or snuggling together for an afternoon nap.

Touching doesn’t have to be sexual to be romantic. It’s a physical connection you share. And it must be important to your sweetheart, unique between the two of you and communicate to your sweetheart the close bond you share.

Jane discovered a romantic birthday didn’t need candlelight and fireworks, didn’t have to be extravagant and glamorous. It just needed to be unique and significant to Jason.

How can you romance your sweetheart with touch?

Robert, a hopeless romantic – who loves being romanced with touch

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