Celebrating Anniversaries

Hey Margaret,” Phillip called to his boss. “I’d like to leave an hour early next Tuesday. It’s March 22nd.”

OK. But what’s up with March 22nd?”

It’s an anniversary for Jen and me.”

Thought your anniversary was in December.”

It’s not our wedding anniversary. Eight years ago, on March 22nd, I proposed to Jen along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.”

“You are such a romantic.

Margaret gave him a skeptical sideway glance, furrowing her right eyebrow and scrunching that side of her face. “But didn’t you guys just celebrate – what was it . . . oh yea – something about asking parents’ permission anniversary? What is it with you guys and anniversaries?”

Most couples celebrate their wedding anniversary. Maybe they’ll take off that weekend, staying at their wedding night hotel. Three hundred sixty-five days later they celebrate the next anniversary.

It’s like they think the only relational event worth celebrating is their wedding – that’s if they’re married. If they’re not, no anniversary to celebrate.

Anniversary celebrations are moments to:

  • Remember an important event in the relationship.
  • Reflect on the relationship.
  • Focus on and re-connect to something which made you a couple.
  • Be romantic

Thank about it. An anniversary commemorates an event unique between the two of you. Celebrating it connects you as a couple back to that moment, a moment no one else shares with you.

So why only celebrate your wedding anniversary? Aren’t there other highlights in your life as a couple worthy remembering?

What would happened if you decided to commemorate other anniversaries from your coupleship?

  • First kiss.
  • First Halloween together handing out candy.
  • First dinner disaster.
  • First night as empty nesters.

You’d be regularly reminded of landmarks in your relationship, moments exclusively yours – great moments for romance.

How will you romance your sweetheart while memorializing an anniversary this month?

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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