Simple Gestures Are Romantic

A Romantic Interlude doesn’t have to be mushy, gushy and flowery. It can be a small, unexpected gesture you make to your sweetheart.

For example.

If the kitchen is a foreign realm to you and you can’t tell a sieve from a colander, bake some cookies for your sweetheart. Don’t worry if it’s difficult, you feel clumsy and they’re ugly. That fact you tried will impress your sweetheart.

If your sweetheart takes care of the auto maintenance, schedule and take your sweetheart’s car for the next oil change. BTW, there’s often a sticker on the driver’s side windshield indicating when it’s due.

Let your sweetheart know you’ve done this just because they’re special to you.  These are unexpected, thoughtful, caring gestures – and very romantic.

Robert, a hopeless romantic

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